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Dr Jide Johnson Of Nigerian Institute Of Journalism, Gives A Posthumous Tribute To His Late Wife On Their 20 Years Marriage Anniversary.



Dr Jide Johnson wrote a posthumous 20yrs marriage anniversary note to his late wife as follows,

20years ago you decided against all odds to walk besides me in the journey of life as the bone of my bone and the flesh my flesh.
You didn’t listen to nay Sayers

You turned deaf ears to negative talks of rumour mongers, enemies of progress and destroyers of destiny.

You followed your heart and conviction. To many, you are making the gracious mistake to a few, finally ,you have found your own.
We started the journey, you became my HOD…Helper Of my Destiny.

Without you, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have accomplished my academic dreams. I used your Unilag Master’s form to do my Master’s programme.

Remember, Prof Dayo Alao pulled you aside during Dayo Alao’s first child naming ceremony in Redeem Camp in 2012 that you should encourage ne to complete my Ph.D programme I had given-up on. And so you did, the rest is history.

Today, both Prof Alao and Dayo Alao have gone to be with you and the Lord. What a painful exit! Indeed, this world is vanity, like Ebenezer Obey said, ‘ do your best and leave the rest’.

I became your COG – Crown of Glory, you did your PGDE and in the course of fighting for your life from the ravages of Cancer, you did your Master’s at Unilag in 2018.I wondered how you combined your studies, with work schedule and clinical appointments, without giving anything away to those around us. You are a wonderful person!

I was there for and you were there for me. We had our ups and downs, challenging and triumphing moments. We had issues but no one ,not even family members and friends could comprehend the understanding, love, affection, compassion and devotion we had for each other in the light of our conflicting but complementary personalities.

For you, it was my husband first: for me , it is my wife first. It created issues but soon family and friends learned to live by it.

You are:
• My friend
• My sister
• My confidant
• My explorer
• My intelligence
• My love and
• My wife.

We thought we would live together till old age but, man proposes, God disposes. Life is about significance and not longevity. The memories, Impact and relevance of your life are around us.

I am forever grateful to God for bringing you my way. Without that my dreams would have been a mirage and my life meaningless.

Indeed, your death has been a major blow to me emotionally and academically. I lost complete interest in academic and professional development. With you, that wouldn’t have happened. Today, I regain and recover my interest for your sake and memory.

You are forever loved. No one can ever and will ever take your place in my life. Though, we move on. Memories can’t be erased. Imprints in our hearts can’t be forgotten.

I miss you but will always remembers you. Till we meet again in eternity…Bye my HOD.

Today should have been our 20th Anniversary.

May her gentle soul continue to rest in our Lord’s bosom. Amen 🙏.

Nelly Agwu is an educationist, a journalist, a Blogger, graduate of History. Very dynamic and a realist. A mouthpiece of the oppressed. Easy going and a Philanthropist.

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