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Why I Took A Break From Ministry – Actor, Yul Edochie



Self-decorated cleric and actor, Yul Edochie, has resumed his online ministry after a brief break.

He explained that he took a break to spiritually prepare himself for God’s work, stating during that time, God revealed many things to him.

He promised to expose secrets and teach his congregation on how to protect themselves from evil forces.

Yul emphasised that religion alone cannot save people and prayer is not enough, citing the proliferation of churches despite persistent evil.

He invited members to join him for a live broadcast on YouTube and TikTok, promising an “explosive” session.

“Religion will not save us.Prayer is not enough.That is why we have thousands of churches springing up every day, yet evil persists.I took a break from my ministry so I could prepare myself spiritually for God’s work.During that time, God took me on a journey and revealed so much to me.

“Don’t miss our live broadcast this Sunday.I will expose many secrets and teach you how you can protect yourself from the evil plans of the devil, which are spreading rapidly.Streaming live on YouTube on Yul Edochie TV and TikTok @yuledochieodogwu. Don’t miss it.It will be explosive,” he wrote

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