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Mother In Anguish, Finding Out Her Three Daughters Are Pregnant For Their Blood Brother.



A Nigerian woman living in Lagos have spoken to Citizen NewsNG about her heartbreak and shock, learning that her three daughters were pregnant for their blood brother.

The Heartbreaking Story  Reads…

“This is so shameful. I have 1 Boy and 3 girls that are all grown, my first son is 24 and the last born is 16. My husband is a business man so he is hardly at home, he is always travelling here and there and I too I can’t just sit at home and fold my hands, I have to help the family and provide incase things go wrong”.

“This was what made me open my own business. Three of my children are in the University here in Lagos and so they go to school from home while the last born is in SSS3, about to finish”.

“Because the elder brother was most of the time home, I was always rest assured that they will be fine and their elder brother will look after them not knowing the reverse will be the case”.

“According to them when things eventually unfolded, they were all in the room watching a movie when in the movie they started having group sex, they said they didn’t know when they too started touching themselves and they all ended up having a group sex in my own house, oh my God”.

They said the elder brother Inserted into all of them including the last born who was only 16 and according to them, that was the first time for them but I don’t believe it.

“My most senior daughter had tried to hide it on noticing and was even making plans to abort when the last born in her Innocence came to tell me she was feeling funny. It was the Test we conducted on the last born at the hospital that opened up the whole matter. My 3 daughters were all pregnant for their brother after a group sex in my own house. Oh Jesus”.

“I actually collapsed that day, they rushed me to the hospital and I think I spent about 2 days there or so. Their Dad had to rush in from Abuja to Lagos to hear for himself. He wanted beating the boy black and blue but at 24, what beating do you want to give him”.

“We had to rent an apartment for him first first and sent him out to go live there while we figure out how to abort for all of them because over my dead body will my daughters have a baby for their blood brother. I would just die of heart attack. I did my best to bring them up well but I feel I have failed, I have failed my generation, I have failed my family”.

“As I speak, no one in the whole world has heard except our Immediate family and I choose to be anonymous here and share this so I can share to every mother out there and they can learn from what happened to me”, the Distressed Mother told Citizen NewsNG.

Source,  Citizen NewsNG

Nelly Agwu is an educationist, a journalist, a Blogger, graduate of History. Very dynamic and a realist. A mouthpiece of the oppressed. Easy going and a Philanthropist.

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