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Nigerian Painter Photographer, Ibe Ananaba Exhibits His Works Titled “Towards The Light” At Wheatbaker Hotel Lagos Today.



A Nigerian Ibe Ananaba today exhibited his art work in Lagos with the Theme “Towards The Light”.
It featured the works the Vibrant Nigerian Painter Photographer Ibe Ananaba which brings to solace at a time of emotional and political fatigues as we near the end of a challenging year.
While the constraints on our lives in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown are not repenting.
His works reminds us to continue to tap into the power of community, and hope, vitality and pure creative energy of our visionary youth.

Towards the light is an exhibition of painting and drawing in an avant-garde musical track, which encapsulates the rhythm of a generation seeking answers to fundamental questions about identity and equality, democracy, racism and the right to choose who leads us.
Over the years, Ananaba’s art has provided a critical commentary to the state of global and global and local socio-politics.
During the months of the Corona Lockdown, he kept busy in his studio, a safe cocoon which music inspired each brush, stroke as he painted to drown out the insecurity, the anxiety, the uncertainty, and keep the Pandemic at bay.

His subject are presented in strong contrast with powerful sources of light which act as sheaves of hope filtering through dark spaces. He renders his subjects with deft impressionistic brushstrokes beckoning us to rediscover our internal peace, away from the rush of our noisy, complex lives.
Ananaba’s work circles back to the mantra that despite the apparent darkness, we need to keep moving forwards light.
Towards the light is curated by SMO Contemporary Art, and is supported by Louis Guntrum Wines.
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