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World Health Organisation (WHO) Predicts 300,000 COVID-19 Deaths In Africa.



WHO prediction on Africa!
The COVID-19 Pandemic started in Wuhan province in China, and they did not do any magic to contain it except to Quarantine people and begins to test and confirm those that have the virus.
They tried to manage their Recovery by helping them to boost their immune system to fight the virus.
While doing this, china closed their borders to many countries.
So far this is China’s success story because the world is following their pattern.
Now it is not still clear whether USA COVID-19 Pandemic came from China or Europe but by and large event of the spread in Europe and America far surpassed what happened in China.
The question now is, how come the big cities in China that is Beijing and Shanghai were not so affected while in contrast the cities in America and Europe are all affected .
The prediction from the WHO that Africa will suffer far more deaths from COVID-19 than what is being experienced in America and Europe cannot be justified by any scientific prove, because the only facts they can jostle with is that Africa does not have well equipped health care and again our poor environmental hygiene.
If this is the yardstick for this prediction, the India and some Latin American countries should be included in such prediction.
The curve of infection and death arising from COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa generally and Nigeria in particular does not follow the sequence that obtained in other countries.
I just hope that somebody is not playing the devil’s advocate.
If not that the WHO raised their voice, they wanted to use Africa as a testing ground for an unknown vaccine for Coronavirious.
African leaders should be on alert and be weary of the medical gift they collect from those who will come in sheep clothing while they are wolves as lovers of Africa.

Nelly Agwu is an educationist, a journalist, a Blogger, graduate of History. Very dynamic and a realist. A mouthpiece of the oppressed. Easy going and a Philanthropist.

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