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From A Visionary Child To Becoming The First Appointed Minister Of Health For Birland, Africa’s 55th Nation: The Journey Of His Excellency Dr. Mayukh Pandit



His Excellency Dr. Mayukh Pandit

His Excellency Dr Mayukh Pandit Since from the childhood, has always wanted to do something good for mankind, expecially those people who are in any form of crisis. At the age of just 13 he decided to become that Researcher who will find permanent cure of the incurables and save millions of lives. He also dreamt to build the free Cancer hospital for all those soul who needs treatment for their permanent cure, but not just to sustain their lives so that everyone could walk home from my hospital and spend the rest of their lives happily and prosperously with their loved ones.

This dream came into reality at the age of 20 with an excruciating and deliberating disorder which needed a permanent cure in history of mankind. On October 2017, during his studies and research on Neurovascular Compression Syndromes he came out with permanent cure. Dr Pandit first research article on this discovery was published in 2019 and it fetched him India’s Youngest Research Award from Institute of Scholars. He was also awarded with Asia’s Best Researcher in Anatomy for his contribution over 20 international and national research publications along with Peer-Review over 170 research articles serving as Editorial Board Member in more than 40 International and National Journals.

He was also recipient of India’s Most Eminent Researcher Award from Indian Medical Association JDN at ICMR-RMRC Bhubaneswar.
Dr. Pandit had served Africa immensely and he also joined Nyarkotey University College of Holistic Medicine and Technology in Ghana as Lecturer and Head of Department of Medical Anatomy for years. He taught several students and motivated them to become the Africa’s greatest physicians and Researchers.

He voluntarily contributed immensely to the University by authoring four learning materials and was part of the history created by NUCHMT as Africa’s first Accredited holistic medical University. Dr Pandit is still serving voluntarily till this date for his University in Ghana.

Dr Pandit is a Doctor, Humanitarian worker, Lecturer, Board Certified
Researcher in Anatomy, Chief medical scientist of R&D Unit at PR MEDICATION Pvt Ltd, Author and recognized spokesperson and most invited Guest Speaker across the globe.


On February 2023, His Excellency Dr Mayukh Pandit took oath as Minister of Health for the State of Birland and got appointed by Honorable Prime Minister. Prime minister HRM Queen Eden Trinidad is the first Prime Minister of Birland and is running World’s first emerging humanitarian country. The State of Birland also viewed as emerging Dubai of Africa. Her Royal Majesty, Dr Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad is an iconic figure whose humane disposition has touched many lives across the globe through her humanitarian efforts for mankind.

HRM Queen Eden Soriano of Trinidad. 

His Excellency Dr. Pandit upon his first few days of appointment made healthcare freely feasible and accessible to everyone as he mentions that healthcare is the basic right which every citizen’s must hold upon and that it must be made free and accessible. He achieved this first initiative with support of most renowned physicians and healthcare workers across the globe who are serving 24 / 7 for welfare and wellbeing of their citizens.

Dr. Pandit would individually like to thank his Chief Adviser Dr. Utshab Bhattacharya, Directorate of Birland Health Services Dr. Arkava Goswami, Senior Adviser Dr. Patrick, Royal Physicians such as Dr. Yaseer, Dr. Hassan, Dr. Ruhul, Dr. Chella and Directorate of Pharmaceutics Tanmay Acharjee & Amitabh Mandal and the entire medical fraternity of Birland for their immense contribution in making it a success. His Excellency also send his gratitude for the true support and guidance he received from Honorable President King Emir who have prioritized the mental well-being of the citizen of Birland. With true guidance of Honorable President and Prime Minister, Department of Mental Health also have been inaugurated recently by Ministry of Health which provides free counseling online 24/7 by certified Psychologist Dilasa Chowdhury from India.
His Excellency Dr. Pandit is working hard on making Birland as exemplary nation across globe from under-developing state to the most
developed nation in the field of healthcare.

Dr. Pandit along with true support of Honorable Prime Minister have planned to propose to United Nations for support in funding for Medical Research Centers to develop vaccines and drugs which will eradicate several disease and solve real world problem.

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