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JUST IN: Reasons Why Powers may Remain in the North after 2023



Power will remain in northern nigeria

Speculations had it that political power may remain in the Northern part of the country even in 2023. Abdullahi Bodejo, President of Miyetti Allah has given a strong reason why power may stay put in the north after President Muhammadu Buhari ends his second term in 2023.

Following with different reactions and retweets from Nigerians, Northerners are more patience to tolerate every phase of the political process, unlike Southerners who cannot abandon their businesses to queue in the polling unit.

According to the leader of the sociocultural and economic group, an average Northerner has no problem staying on the queue for a whole day just to vote but an Igbo will rather be in his shop for those hours.

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri shared the statement, referencing the Miyetti Allah leader, while asking whether Nigerians think the position is true or false.

In 2023, power will remain in the North. Southerners don’t have time. Do you think an Igbo will leave the shop to queue for 6 hours just to vote? In the North here, people are ready to stand in line from morning till night”-Abdullahi Bodejo President of Miyetti Allah

True or false?


To respond if true or false, a twitter user by name Eric the Great @BlueThroat101 replied thus;

“During elections there is no movement which means that no shop is meant to be opened. So I do not know what point Abdullahi Bodejo is making. He is the right to the extent that many Southerners will not come out reason being that many do not trust the system.”

See his reply below.

@iamucpaul1 Reacted to the speculation and said:

“North is like someone that doesn’t know how to drive a car, but is eager to buy a car and drive. And that’s how they have been driving Nigeria, like someone that doesn’t know how to drive. Maybe one day it will crash.”

However, a Twitter user with Name Joe Jesimiel Ogbe accepted the speculation by giving his own reasons why Powers will remain in the North even after 2023.

According to him “Truth. Southerners don’t place much value on political power. They don’t care who governs them. They are satisfied pursuing their individual interests. They are never united in the pursuit of collective goals and ideals. If they are united today, the North will quake politically.”

Most Nigerians reacted positively to the conjecture while others strongly disagree with few or no reasons.

Nelly Agwu is an educationist, a Blogger, graduate of History. Very dynamic and a realist. A mouthpiece of the oppressed. Easy going and a Philanthropist.

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June 12, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, Says Nigeria Remains Same 29yrs After June 12 Annulment



Pa Ayo Adebanjo

Chief Ayo Adebanjo, the leader of the Pan-Yoruba socio political-group Afenifere, has said that, nothing has changed in Nigeria 29 years after the June 12 annulment of 1993 presidential election which was won by the late Chief M.K.O Abiola.

Adebanjo, on Saturday, in an interview stated that Nigeria is still in search of democracy despite being under civilian rule.

The elder statesman stressed that Nigeria might not develop until she changes the current constitution, which he said was foisted on it by the military. “We need to change our current constitution. Any election conducted under this fraudulent constitution is an exercise in futility.

“What have we gained after the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election? The election Ied us to another military rule and they imposed the 1999 constitution on us.

“It is either we go back to our independent constitution or we sit down to discuss if we still want to be together. If we don’t want to be together we should know,” he said.

Adebanjo noted that the current constitution is against the southern region, while agreeing that the June 12, 1993 presidential election was a watershed in the country.

(New Telegraph)

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Just In, Bola Ahmed Tinubu Emerges APC Presidential Candidate At Convention Primaries In Abuja, Plus Each Aspirants Scores



Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential Aspirant Ahmed Bola Tinubu has Clinched the ticket for the 2023 presidential general elections.

Asiwaju Tinubu scored 1,271 votes to win the ticket.

Tinubu, who is the National Leader of the APC, defeated 13 other aspirants to become the party flag bearer at the end of the Special National Convention of the party on in Abuja on Wednesday.

The other aspirants are, Mr Chukwuemeka Nwajuba, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Chief Ikeobasi Mokelu, Sen. Rochas Okorocha, Mr Tein Jack-Rich and Gov. Ben Ayade, Gov. David Umuahi, Sen. Ahmad Yarima, Dr Ahmed Lawal, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, Gov. Yahaya Bello and Mr Ogbonnaya Onu.

The race started with 23 contenders, but nine withdrew shortly before the commencement of voting at the event.

Those that stepped down are, Mrs Uju Kennedy-Ohnenye, Dr Felix Nicholas, former Gov. Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom, former Gov. Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun, former Speaker Dimeji Bankole, Sen. Ajayi Boroffice, Gov. Muhammad Badaru of Jigawa, Sen. Ken Nnamani and Gov. Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State.


Below is the list of the aspirants and their votes.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu- 1, 271 votes.
Mr Chukwuemeka Nwajuba one vote.
Pastor Tunde Bakare- zero vote.
Sen. Ahmad Yarima – four votes.
Sen. Rochas Okorocha – zero vote.
Mr Tein Jack Rich – zero vote.
Gov. Ben Ayade – 37 votes.
Gov. David Umuahi – 38 votes.
Dr Ahmad Lawal – 152 votes.
Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo- 235 votes.
Mr Rotimi Amaechi- 316 votes.
Gov. Yahaya Bello – 47 votes.
Dr Ogbonnaya Onu – one vote.
Chief Ikeobasi Mokelu- zero vote.

Source (NAN)

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Dan Nwanyanwu Chairman Zenith Party, Absolves INEC, For The Extension Of Election Primaries



The Chairman of Zenith Party Dan Nwanyanwu, has said that the 6 days extension given to political parties by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was a consensus one.

According to him today May,  30th, 2022 in AriseTv Morning Show, he said that all the political parties pleaded with INEC to look at the timetable since they are getting into a new system that will entail long months of campaign unlike before. He stated that the political parties have nothing to loose if they are not infringing on the position of the law. On the other hand INEC also pleaded with the parties to understand it’s own position that a change in any of the dates will affect all the programme of the election. Unlike other meetings held with INEC,  Dan said all the 18 political parties chairmen with their secretaries were present at the meeting.

He said every political party spoke at the event and when it was his turn, he thanked the chairman of APC and PDP for not sending representatives to the crucial meeting. At the end, INEC said that they have made a request.  Nothing was heard from INEC again till the primaries started.


Dan said that he was the one who identified the window between 4th to 9th of june because it was time to upload candidates and knowing the enormous work they were to do  like documentation, and not used to the new system since one have to be computer literate. Having to work in states and the difficulties in correcting mistakes which smaller parties are most affected, I called the Inter party advisory Council chairman Yabagi Sani to look through it and INEC was again called and a letter sent for the meeting on Friday last week by 3pm, at the meeting INEC did not seat at their normal seat because we the parties requested for this very meeting. It was at our own instance since that space has to be used.

Is very wrong for anyone to say that this 6 days extension was done to favour APC or any political party.  Zenith party and 7 other parties have gained from the extension. For example today, Zenith Party would have held its governorship primaries but we moved it to 1st of june while the presidential slated for 1st is now moved to the 4th of june.  Is very erroneous to blame INEC or the political parties as no one knows the enormous work we are doing. In INEC we found a chairman who wants to conduct a free and fair election with new modalities. In his words, “We are critical stakeholder in this project,  if there is no political parties, there will not be any INEC” So they cannot afford not to listen to political parties.

Rejection of our 1 to 2 months extension by INEC should not be criticised just because they now gave us 6 days. It might look small but many of us are making proper use of it. There  are in party training ongoing, I am also undergoing training, so people should stop throwing stones at what they don’t understand. There is no connivance with INEC, we are not  going to shift date for the political parties again.

On if he was saying truth,  Mr Nwanyanwu said “I don’t know how to turn white to black,  I have told you nothing but the truth” we are not defending or working for INEC neither are we working for any IPAC member. We cannot work for a party we want to push out. INEC did the extension without any party interest.

On why so much energy was put into getting extension for primaries but non was put on getting INEC to extend the registration of voters both in designated areas and online and why there is no synergy with civil societies, Dan said that they were all working in  harmony because as an astute comrade he knows what it takes. He said as a lawyer,  that since the 80s, he Dan Nwanyanwu has been a crusader for Human Rights and have been fighting for the vulnerable in the society and is still doing so. He said Nigerians should trust and believe in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) who are faced to deliver a very free and fair election to Nigerians.

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